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Payroll processing performed by expert co-workers is carried out with cutting-edge programs and procedures and provides our clients with a high quality service. For companies with automated time and attendance management facilities, our salary processing software is able to acquire files from all the best applications. We are one of the first accounting firms in Italy to have adopted a cloud-based global management system for our services. All documents can be sent to the e-mail addresses provided by our clients and can also be sent straight to their employees. Naturally, the documents can also be provided on paper if required.

For instance, our payroll processing service includes:

  • payslips
  • Uniemens form and online posting
  • F24 forms
  • prime entry salaries records
  • management of supplementary social security schemes
  • compensation accruals statements
  • severance pay statements
  • CUD forms (Income Tax Statements issued to employees by their companies)
  • 770 tax forms and online posting
  • salary declarations and self-assessment premiums-INAIL, etc.

Recruitment of personnel for the types of jobs that fall within our competence ensures that our clients employ skilled professionals able to suit their needs. Ours is not a recruiting firm. Our added value lies in helping entrepreneurs who are skilled in other branches of their businesses than management-accounting, to choose the ideal candidate among those suggested by recruiting firms by assessing the specific technical skills required in our areas of expertise. Because we are familiar with the reference market and the rules that govern it and, while we do not neglect the importance of the technical aspects concerning research and first contact, ours is a targeted recruiting activity involving candidates we assess personally by putting their real skills to the test and evaluating their experience with full knowledge of the facts.

We don’t just assist the entrepreneur with all the relevant formalities we face as we fulfil our payroll services (LINK TO SALARIES) but especially during management of the complex issues that relations with staff members requires. We begin with in-depth knowledge of the Law, but our objective is always practical: provide entrepreneurs with the solution to their problems and, especially, advise them as to what to do to achieve it.

Our consultancy and personnel management service concerns the following fields of action:

  • labour laws and contracts (management of labour relations, drawing up contracts, deeds and private agreements, facilitated employment studies, traineeship, etc.)
  • accounting (fulfilment of all formalities for correct management of resources in subordinate labour relationships plus INPS-Social Security and INAIL-National Insurance Institute for Industrial Accidents formalities)
  • personnel administration (Payroll keeping and of the personnel/labour cost quantification budget).
  • relations with unions and company representatives (disputes and arbitration concerning labour relations with employees and free-lance workers)
  • training area (planning and provision of technical training for personnel in specific administration and accounting tasks

Why you should choose us

Because we’re a team of young, well-prepared professionals motivated by a deeply rooted sense of belonging and with years of proven experience.

The attention we pay to your needs stems from the same intellectual curiosity that inspires us to continually update our expertise and take up new and stimulating challenges.

What they say about us

Competent, up-to-date and transversal. We have been collaborating for more than a year and what we appreciate most, in addition to professionalism, is the ability to seize the opportunities offered by tax instruments for the benefit of the customer.

Matteo Pasquali , Owner of JBS Agency Milano