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Whether it’s blind profiling or establishing the characteristics of the target company, we are here to help and support you at all levels. To guarantee that everything runs smoothly, we provide constant assistance and monitoring services from the delicate initial phase and pre-contractual negotiations through to exhaustive research and planning of the operation. We’ll then provide every sort of dedicated service to ensure correct and efficient management of the company after the acquisition transaction or merger.

We support and assist companies in risk investments and leverage/management buy-out transactions, where we provide advice as to the strategies required to obtain the best results. We also have a dense network of industrial and/or financial partners allowing us to assist entrepreneurs, managers and enterprises throughout all the delicate phases of the operations. Right from the initial feasibility assessment, we assist the enterprise or managers through to the next stage, when strategic planning of the agreements leading to the conclusion of the transaction takes place.

Our aim is to help companies to overcome a momentary state of crisis by radically rationalizing and re-organizing their business management, reducing their production and employee-related costs. All this is also achieved through access to the measures established by the laws in favour of enterprises in difficulty, access to forms of preferential financing and consolidation of existing debts by reaching agreements with classes of creditors as to sustainable forms of reimbursement. The corporate restructuring process does not merely concern the economic/financial management of the company. It often requires an internal organizational revision of the entire company as a whole with respect to its industrial or business project, management and salaries, management control system, management of resources, assets, real estate, intellectual heritage and know-how. Once the goals and restructuring plan have been identified, we concentrate on issues like stock and/or real estate spin-offs, transfer operations, disposal of business concerns or their branches and staff reduction, also through access to subsidized solutions such as unemployment benefit, for which we fulfil all the relative formalities.

Safeguarding and enhancing corporate core value and the employment levels of companies in difficulty are key objectives of the bankruptcy law reform. The legal system includes three different procedures for the purpose of managing and overcoming the state of crisis in which companies may find themselves. The common element is that the company must possess a restructuring plan that pin-points the causes, analyses the alternative options and outlines concrete strategies and interventions able to overcome the economic and financial difficulties.

Studio Busani steers companies through the aforementioned preparatory phases and assists them in three procedures:

  • certified reorganization plan (pursuant to art. 67 of the Finance Law);
  • debt rescheduling agreement (pursuant to art. 182-bis of the Finance Law);
  • arrangement with creditors (pursuant to arts. 160 onwards of the Finance Law).

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Because we’re a team of young, well-prepared professionals motivated by a deeply rooted sense of belonging and with years of proven experience.

The attention we pay to your needs stems from the same intellectual curiosity that inspires us to continually update our expertise and take up new and stimulating challenges.

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Competent, up-to-date and transversal. We have been collaborating for more than a year and what we appreciate most, in addition to professionalism, is the ability to seize the opportunities offered by tax instruments for the benefit of the customer.

Matteo Pasquali, Owner of JBS Agency Milan