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We provide complete business and management consultancy services, which begin by compiling accounts, preparing financial statements, including the consolidated type for groups, and unified tax return forms as well as dealing with all the numberless administrative-tax fulfilments that our complicated legislation imposes. The entrepreneur and his staff are constantly assisted by a single contact person who is familiar with their company and provides solutions in real time to the operational problems that must be faced each day. We stand out for our proactiveness: we don’t wait for our client company to ask for help. We’re the ones who propose the viable opportunities and solutions.

We provide full, effective assistance throughout the most delicate stages of the relationship between the taxpayer and the Tax Authorities, this to prevent disputes from arising and to handle and settle conflicts in the best possible way. We provide assistance when unified tax returns forms are compiled and in all the numberless fiscal obligations imposed by our tax legislation. We resolve the many problems faced each day by entrepreneurs and their staff during routine management of their companies and can also provide advice about extremely complex tax issues (transfer prices, double taxation problems, cross-border incomes and foreign companies). From the simplest to the most complex issue, our approach is always the same: we begin by thoroughly examining the pertinent laws before providing our client with a practical solution. Providing you with concrete solutions is our target. We operate in 3 different regions (Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy) and have acquired first-hand experience with the principal Inland Revenue offices of Northern Italy. Our consultancy services don’t just cover tax returns but extend to constant, all-round assistance including even the most complex issues. We can also act on your behalf with the Inland Revenue Authorities in the event of disputes, and in court in the case of tax litigation.

We provide advisory and assistance services in all branches of Corporate Law including corporate establishment, ordinary and extraordinary business activities and are able to take an active part in all problem-solving issues. When it comes to extraordinary corporate transactions such as: business transformation, corporate capital increases, M&A, winding up, share purchasing and selling, mergers and demergers, we can offer tailor-made corporate consultancy services thanks to many years experience acquired when handling events involving important enterprises and professionals. From the purchase and sale of companies to the establishment of trusts and generational transitions, our commitment is to provide the right solution to the specific requirements of the company or entrepreneur.

We have been Court-Appointed technical Consultants for both civil and criminal issues since 1998. Our lengthy experience in judicial matters allows us to assist the entrepreneur and his lawyers as Party-Appointed Consultants in even the bitterest legal disputes. For us, anatocism and usury are habitual fields of investigation. No excesses, no rash moves, no wild-goose chases, just precise, prompt analysis of the situation and sound advice for the entrepreneur.


Why you should choose us

Because we’re a team of young, well-prepared professionals motivated by a deeply rooted sense of belonging and with years of proven experience.

The attention we pay to your needs stems from the same intellectual curiosity that inspires us to continually update our expertise and take up new and stimulating challenges.

What they say about us

Competent, up-to-date and transversal. We have been collaborating for more than a year and what we appreciate most, in addition to professionalism, is the ability to seize the opportunities offered by tax instruments for the benefit of the customer.

Matteo Pasquali, Owner of JBS Agency Milano